About Flo

Flo makes contemporary, immersive, dance theater. We are collaborative in nature, fluid in membership, and multidisciplinary in form. We create art using practices that fulfill our needs and desires for deep play, exploration, and detail-oriented work. Our emphasis on process allows us to cultivate the full-bodied, participatory worlds in which our art resides. You’re invited, come on in.


A brief history...

Flo is the brainchild of St. Louis-based artists H. Blaize D'Angio and Audrey Simes, who have been collaborators off and on since 2012. Following the fulfilling experience of creating the multidisciplinary, collaborative, performance piece Host Table with a group of artist friends in February, 2018, Audrey and Blaize decided to make it official, and Flo was born!

The Founders


H. Blaize D'Angio

H. Blaize D’Angio is a performer, choreographer, director, musician, and craftsperson. Her passion lies in exploring the relationships and boundaries between art, artist, and audience, and creating worlds and characters that challenge and play with these. See more.


Audrey Simes

Audrey Nicole Simes (b. 1990, Los Angeles, CA) directs multidisciplinary performances at the intersection of dance, theater, projection and installation art. The resulting works highlight her broad interests in family narrative and cultural memory, woman as subject matter, individual agency, technology, surveillance and social control, conspiracy and simple truths, resistance and stultification, militarization, and environmental disaster. See more.